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Interior Decor Ideas – The Best Sites for inspiration

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Interior Decor Ideas are best taken from reliable sources. Undertaking this task alone can be both daunting and stressful. It is for this reason that Interior Design is such a big industry. The pandemic has also fueled demand for such updates because more people are working from home. They are starting to take notice of the things that they previously ignored. One should not have to sacrifice beauty for comfort. I’ve highlighted the best design and decor resources that have helped me and I believe they’ll help you too.

VISI – A Modern Approach to Interior Decor

VISI Home Page - A Modern Approach to Interior Decor
VISI Home Page – A Modern Approach to Interior Design

When it comes to tips, advice and sound application VISI is a great place to go. You’ll find all kinds of nuggets on topics such as architecture, design, decor, art and more. What’s more is they also host regular competitions and polls for their audience. Their website is easy to navigate and is very neat and clean as well. You’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for. One particular feature I love is their Best Buys page. It’s filled with all of their professional, value-for-money opinions on what their readers should strongly consider. VISI also has a strong social media presence, so if you don’t know where to find them, check them out here.

House & Garden – A Decor and Design Staple

House and Garden Home Page - A Decor and Design Staple
House & Garden Home Page – A Decor and Design Staple

One of the better-known publications with time on the market and strong social media presence, it would be hard to imagine that you don’t recognize House & Garden. They offer their audience insights into design, recipes, interiors and you guessed it, gardens. The print magazine is a staple in any well-to-do household as well. Apart from their well thought out pieces, a nice addition and favourite of mine is their recipes page. My wife and I regularly visit this page and experiment with the recipe suggestions. A big drawcard for their audience is their YouTube channel where Maps Maponyane and Lethabo Lejoy Mathatho tour various homes and helps the channel garner some 450,000 views. You can visit the channel here. 

SA Homeowner – More than a Design Publication

SA Home Owner Home Page - More than a Design Publication
SA Home Owner Home Page – More than a Design Publication

SA Homeowner is more than just a decor and design publication. In their own words, their offering is “used for inspiration and ideas on building, renovating, planning and decorating.” The homes generally featured on their platforms are both inspiring and magnificent. When visiting their website you’ll be able to view their featured homes, exteriors advice, interiors advice and lifestyle pieces. My favourite page is their Featured Homes page, specifically the International Showcase pieces. They also host regular competitions and giveaways, so be sure to grab a copy of the publication or visit their website.

There are many more sources and publications you can, or probably do already use. The concise list above is a brief introduction to my three favourites and I hope you find a lot of the information on their platforms helpful. Each publication has their own unique voice and audience, so it’s likely that you won’t identify with all of them. I do believe that you’ll identify with at least one of them. Interior Decor ideas for anyone wanting to transform their spaces and give it the lift that your vision entails, can be found at the right places.

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